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Polished Concrete

Today's Market is trending toward polished concrete floors for manufacturing, retail, and commercial spaces.  This low maintenance and cost effective flooring is a fantastic alternative that outlasts VCT tile and Epoxy Flooring.  The ability to customize color gives these industrial floors the design chops for school, government, office and church buildings.  So whether it is an elegant event hall or a high traffic warehouse, concrete polishing can meet the design and function needs The flooring option that looks good While keeping your building and wallet green! 

Polished concrete lowers your carbon foot print during building by refining and using your existing concrete slab. Concrete polishing requires no milling, factory production or shipping; saving precious resources without sacrificing durability or function of a finished floor.
Polished concrete reflects light. A reflective floor can reduce the need for more light fixtures and power consumption, and maintain a clean bright professional space.  The inherent thermal mass of polished concrete helps maintain temperatures, lessening the reliance on HVAC systems.  Properly maintained polished concrete will outlast epoxy floors and VCT tile. Reducing waste and product needed for re-installation. 
The raw material is primarily limestone one of the most abundant minerals on earth. Other materials can come from recycled sources or by using waste by-products from power plants (slag silica and fly ash). 
No VOCs: 
Need Leed points on your floor? Polished Concrete installation produces no harsh fumes.