Meeting Budgets, Deadlines and Expectations



Meeting Budgets, Deadlines and Expectations.

When doing business, it's never "about us," our priority is our team members and customers. Those are the individuals that have built up our reputation and allowed us to polish, repair and stain Millions of square feet.

Education is the culture of our company. By keeping our fingers on the pulse of the concrete world, we stay up with new technologies and techniques while refining traditional methods at the same time. We continually invest in our team members and training, resulting in a team of highly skilled tradesman.

When you work with us, we infuse the culture of education into the entire experience. We are dedicated to protecting the customers investment by ensuring that the best flooring system is chosen for the particular needs and function of a space. We discuss available flooring options, and their particular strengths and shortcomings. We discuss budget and time frames each time. By being clear and having all available information both parties can confidentially move forward with a project.




  • Right People, Right Service, Everyone Profits
  • We take care to educate our people so they can deliver impeccable service.
  • We care for our team members well-being and value their contributions to the company.
  • Our work environment encourages team members to deliver the best service possible to our customers.
  • We consult and educate our customers about all appropriate options and approaches, unique to their project. In return, our customers profit by investing in the proper flooring system, our employees profit by supporting themselves and honing a craft, and Atlas Polishing profits in both, finances and reputation, allowing us to expand our business.


  1. Growing Business

    "To think only of the best, to work only with the best, and to expect only the best"- Christen D Larson

    We have a passion for businesses, and a respect the ambition and tenacity of the entrepreneur. Serving a clientele as driven and motivated for success as business are, keeps our aspirations of providing superior services and employment on a nationwide scale alive.